Our Process

At Flagstaff Web Architects we believe our clients input is vital to the creative process. We work together with our clients to create user-friendly, beautiful, search engine optimized websites.

„Our most creative work comes from merging our expertise with yours.“

The outline below will give you an idea of what to expect from us as we move through each stage of production.


Research & Strategy


The first step in any online project is research. With so many tools available to us, it’s necessary to make this a priority for any web adventure. We try and gather as much information as possible about your business, what the end goals of the project may be, who is your current or possible client base, and what functionality will be required for the completed project.

Once enough information is gathered we strategize on the best layout, design, and components needed for a smooth transition from design to development through the final launch phase.


Design & Create


Once the research has been completed we start the creative process. This process can take many different forms, some apparent some tactful, all to the benefit of the projects overall goals. This process can include many different things including branding, multimedia development, search engine optimization, interactive design, and visuals to help with the projects marketing aims.

Making certain the creative design guides the user instead of confuses them is a very important part of this process and ensures a pleasant experience for everyone.


Compile & Develop


After creating the layout and design of the project (with your permission), we move on to the actual compiling of the design. This is the most time-consuming part of any website development process. We start to bring the design and functionality to life and apply it to the framework we have created. Once we are certain you will be happy with our work, we upload the project to our online server for you to view.

Our development process has been streamlined with over 20 years of experience developing websites. This allows for a greater, more robust functionality and, of course, saves our clients’ money.


Revise & Test


At this point, we ask that you give us any last minute changes to the design of the site. This may include image variations, changes to the copy or any last minute revisions you may come up with. Once the changes are made we do a very thorough last minute test to make certain all is running smoothly. This includes the functionality of forms, cross-browser differences and making certain the responsive design looks beautiful on all devices.

Now that any last minute changes have been made and the site has been thoroughly tested we can move on to the moment of glory, launch.


Launch & Promote


The website is now ready to go live. If you have chosen to host with us we will upload the website and import the database to our hosting platform. If not, then we will send you a digital copy of the website and database to be imported by you to whatever host you have decided to use.

Now we make sure you can be found online. This involves setting up an XML sitemap and sending it to the search engines. If you have decided to use us for marketing as well we will start the campaign to help bring in the internet masses!


Train & Maintain


All of the sites that we create come with our patented (not really patented) front end editing framework. This allows our clients to be able to make edits quickly and easily by just logging in. Though instructions on how to make these changes and edits are on the website itself, we like to sit down with you and go over all the functionality you have.

Now that the site is live and you have been trained, it is a good idea to work on keeping the site up to date. We provide maintenance services so you can focus on your business while we focus on keeping your site running as smooth as at launch. We can also make any changes or additions to keep you on the top of the search engine listings.



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